Article Submission

When submitting items to the Cortland News, please follow the guidelines below to make the editing easier, and to avoid problems when converting text from MS Word to InDesign, the graphics program.

1. Send items to

2. Send as MS Word attachments to your e-mail, if at all possible. If you use WordPerfect, save the document as either an MS Word or as an RTF file before attaching.

3. Use font Book Antiqua, 12 point

4. Do not double-space body of text.

5. Do not bold entire text. An occasional word can be bolded or italicized for emphasis.

6. Do not use a colored font.

7. Keep formatting to a minimum. Do not use bullets or outline format.

8. Articles should be kept to less than 500 words whenever possible.

9. Attach pictures as jpeg files. Do not embed pictures in the e-mail message.

10. Adhere to the deadlines whenever possible. If you can’t make the deadline, please notify the editor to make other arrangement.

The editor of the Cortland News reserves the right to reject any material deemed inappropriate. For purposes of clarity or comprehension, material may also be edited, revised, or summarized if necessary